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Do it 4 James and Dave: Running 4 Ultra Marathons in 4 Days for a Noble Cause

Back in May 2023, in a remarkable display of endurance, Jeremy Butterfield and Ollie Ward undertook an extraordinary challenge named 'Do it 4 James and Dave.' This endurance feat consisted of running four ultra marathons over four consecutive days, covering a staggering distance of 144 miles from Liverpool to Harrogate. However, their journey wasn't just about pushing their physical limits; it was also a heartfelt endeavor to honor the memory of two special individuals and support charities close to their hearts.

The Challenge's Origins

The challenge, 'Do it 4 James and Dave,' was conceived as a tribute to James and Dave, who had fought valiantly in their respective battles. The unwavering spirit and determination displayed by James and Dave throughout their lives were a profound source of inspiration for Jeremy and Ollie. This endeavor was a way of paying homage to the memory of these two incredible individuals.

A Dual Purpose

Jeremy and Ollie's endeavor went beyond a personal challenge; it was a charity fundraiser aimed at supporting two causes that meant a lot to James and Dave and their families. Half of the funds raised were donated to Sarcoma UK, a charity dedicated to raising awareness and funding research for sarcoma, a rare cancer. The other half of the proceeds went to the David Brown Foundation, established in memory of Dave, which continued the work he was passionate about.

The Extraordinary Journey

The four-day journey was an epic test of physical and mental strength, with each day pushing the runners to their limits:

Day 1 - Liverpool to Wigan (36 miles): The journey began in Liverpool, and the runners had to cover 36 miles to reach Wigan. It was a challenging start to the mission.

Day 2 - Wigan to Burnley (36 miles): The second day saw Jeremy and Ollie covering another 36 miles, heading toward Burnley, with each step bringing them closer to their goal.

Day 3 - Burnley to Keighley (36 miles): The third leg of the journey took them from Burnley to Keighley, a distance of 36 miles, as they inched their way toward the finish line.

Day 4 - Keighley to Harrogate (36 miles): The final day's run was no less grueling, with the runners covering the last 36 miles from Keighley to the ultimate destination, Harrogate.

A Heartfelt Outcome

Their remarkable journey culminated with the total funds raised amounting to an impressive £22,000. This substantial sum of money will undoubtedly make a meaningful difference to Sarcoma UK's efforts to combat this rare and aggressive cancer, as well as to the David Brown Foundation, which carries on the legacy of a dedicated individual.

'Do it 4 James and Dave' was more than just a physical challenge; it was a testament to the power of human determination, resilience, and compassion. Jeremy Butterfield and Ollie Ward's extraordinary journey showcased the incredible impact one can have when driven by a noble cause, all while keeping the memory of James and Dave alive through their remarkable actions. Their story serves as a reminder that we can accomplish incredible feats when inspired by love, friendship, and a shared purpose.

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