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Whipping Up Fun in the Kitchen: Buckingham Primary Academy’s Food Education Adventure!

Cooking Classes at Buckingham Primary Academy 2023-2024

The David Brown Foundation's food education grants have had huge sucess and impact at another North of England primary school. Keep reading to hear the feedback we have had from Buckingham Primary.

"Cooking Up a Storm with a Little Help from Our Friends

Inspired by the fantastic Chefs in School program and generously funded by The David Brown Foundation Food Education Grant, we went on a shopping spree and purchased some shiny new cooking equipment. This included air fryers and slow cookers – the perfect tools for budding chefs! With these new gadgets and some creative lesson plans, our cooking classes were ready to roll.

Kitchen Dream Team: School Cook and Catering Area Manager

Our kitchen dream team, including our wonderful school cook and the Catering Area Manager (both Chefs in Schools alums), made sure everything was set for success. They provided the know-how and guidance, ensuring that our school staff were trained in Food Hygiene and Allergen Safety. This meant that all our students could safely enjoy a series of exciting and educational cooking classes.

Seasonal Treats and Hands-On Fun

From seasonal tarts and biscuits to hearty stews, our young chefs got to prepare and cook a variety of dishes using our new air fryers and slow cookers. They learned to identify and work with seasonal vegetables, honing their skills in preparing ingredients all by themselves. And the best part? Tasting the fruits of their labor! Yum!

Goals of the Project

Our mission? To introduce our students to new foods and simple, budget-friendly cooking methods. We wanted to show them that healthy eating can be fun and delicious. And judging by the smiles and enthusiasm in the kitchen, we definitely hit the mark!

Skill-Building and Growing Confidence

Throughout the year, the kids picked up a bunch of new skills – from chopping veggies to mixing ingredients, and even mastering the settings on our air fryers and slow cookers. By the time summer rolled around, their confidence and excitement had skyrocketed.

Summer Term Highlights

The highlight of our cooking journey came in the summer term when our budding chefs took center stage. They worked directly with the school cook to whip up batches of cupcakes and pizzas for our much-anticipated summer fair. This event is a cornerstone of our school’s social calendar, raising essential funds to support our Breakfast Club, free after-school clubs, and enriching school trips and activities.

A Recipe for Success

In a nutshell, our cooking classes have been a huge hit! The kids have not only learned valuable life skills but also discovered a love for cooking and healthy eating. We can’t wait to see what delicious creations they’ll come up with next year!"

So, here’s to more culinary adventures and tasty times ahead at Buckingham Primary Academy. Stay tuned for more updates and mouth-watering stories from our David Brown Foundation Food Education Grants in partnership with Chefs In Schools!

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